Netflix to Add 30+ Games to Its Catalog in 2022

  • 02-05-2022 |
  • Jackson Matthew

Netflix is about more than just movies and shows; since 2021, it also provides mobile games. Though now its catalog only offers 18 video games, the company plans to expand it. According to the report published by The Washington Post, by the end of 2022, Netflix will add over 30 games, the overall number reaching 50+.

It’s not clear yet what these titles will be. Neither it is known whether these games will be based on Netflix’s IP or bring in any third-party developments. As for now, Netflix has both types. There are games based on Stranger Things, one of the most successful shows by Netflix ever, as well as exclusive installments of popular series (Asphalt Extreme) and reinvented classics like Teeter (Up). As for May 4, 2022, there are still the 18 games you probably know.

Neither is it known so far how soon the first batch (or even a single game) will even arrive. If you like Netflix’s approach to mobile gaming, you better check its page on Google Play or App Store regularly. New titles will appear there right after publication. Netflix also can announce upcoming games on its blog or via email, so it makes sense to subscribe to its news.

While Netflix is highly likely to gamify its popular shows and feature films, it goes the other way as well. One of the most acclaimed animated series on Netflix, Arcane, is based on the iconic League of Legends videogame. A popular card game Exploding Kittens has inspired Netflix to produce its adult animated series and a mobile game. Probably this is not the only case of reciprocal benefit from colliding worlds, and this will generate more franchises that go beyond just one genre.

Do you play games on Netflix too? Which are your favorite titles? Do you consider it a serious addition to your subscription? Tell us what you think about Netflix’s activity in games in the comments!


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