Netflix + Pokémon = New Live-Action Series!

  • 31-07-2021 |
  • Jackson Matthew

Do you want more live-action adventures in the Pokémon universe? Oh, we want them too much! Luckily for us, Netflix united with the creator of the super-popular Lucifer series, Joe Henderson, to create a new title for the legendary franchise! Read on for more details. 

New or Remake?

According to Variety, Handerson will write a new story and work as an executive producer of the upcoming title. For now, he is a co-showrunner of Netflix’s original franchise, Lucifer. The final season is already in production and will hit the streaming service on September 10, 2021. It seems that Handerson will start working on the Pokémon series right after that. 

We still don’t know what the story will be about, though. There are no reports or interviews that mention the details, so we have only rumors to judge. Version number one says that the live-action adventure will rework one of the video game plots, while the second suggests the retelling of the original anime about Ash and Pikachu. There’s also a quite popular version that we will see the continuation of the successful 2019 Detective Pikachu movie. If this turns out to be true, we will see the development of an alternative universe that doesn’t crossover with the original one. 

Before It Comes…

Before the new title comes out, you can use your Netflix account to stream the original anime, including Pokemon: Indigo League and Pokemon Journeys. You should also know that Netflix is already shooting adaptations of Splinter Cell and Far Cry video games as well as shows based on One Piece and Cowboy Bebop. Are you excited about such a huge wave of long-awaited adaptations? Do you expect them to be worthy enough? Tell us what you think in the comments and share this announcement on social networks. 

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