Netflix Planning to Launch a Cloud Gaming Service

  • 24-10-2022 |
  • Abigail Davis

As Netflix’s gaming ambitions are becoming ever fiercer following its used-to-be-slow steps into the scene, the team behind the platform has declared their readiness to launch their own dedicated cloud gaming service. Read on for details.

Netflix is, indeed, considering a cloud gaming option after Google Stadia has been shut down. Cloud gaming is falling into huge depths of popularity as a multitude of companies develop strategies to promote their mighty titles to audiences large-scale. 

When asked how the streaming giant will avoid the ironic fate of Stadia, which got killed off despite the mighty G support, Netflix has a well thought out answer in store. Netflix claims that the team has learned a lot from Google’s mistakes and knows how to adjust their initial business model to the concept of cloud gaming. Yes, the team behind the streaming giant has made it clear that they want to go beyond mobile to reach audiences on their computers and TVs. 

In addition to this, Netflix announced it currently has over 50 games in the works. The company representatives also announced the launch of a new gaming studio in California, which is another major step in their cloud gaming aspirations.

As of today, the team behind Netflix is tight-lipped about both the visual representation and the feature set of their cloud gaming service. It sounds like bringing this idea to life may take more time than the streaming giant initially expected. Neither has Netflix claimed that it plans to monetize gaming. Their titles are free to install and don’t come with in-app ads or purchases. What they do come with is a Netflix subscription. Oh well, something’s gotta give.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Would you play AAA games on Netflix? Share your opinion in the comments below and get the convo going.

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