Netflix Makes a VR Game Based on Eden Series

  • 22-09-2021 |
  • Jackson Matthew

The game section by Netflix is probably anticipated even stronger than any of its series and feature films. But while it’s expected to mostly feature mobile games, a new title is something completely different. And it’s a VR game based on the Netflix anime series Eden released in 2021.

Eden is a story of a human girl raised by robots in a world that seems a perfect paradise until she discovers what’s behind its curtains. A good premise for both an anime series and a game. And this game seems to be already developed. The name is Eden Unearthed, and it’s already here, though not for everyone – due to the equipment it requires, namely an Oculus VR headset.

The source of the leak is the official Oculus site where the game is already registered, though not available directly. It requires App Lab (a certain analog of Early Access on Steam), which implies that the game is not complete yet. The current version is 0.8, made available in August, though another release date is known as well, dated by April. This controversy is so far unexplained, though it does not matter much after all.

It’s quite logical that a new game by Netflix is a VR one. It’s known that Netflix hired Mike Verdu who previously worked at EA and Oculus. What is a bit stranger is that Netflix does not count this game as a part of its gaming initiative. Instead, it is said to strengthen the Eden universe itself. This makes Eden an even more attractive franchise even for those who are not into anime at all. But don’t expect it’s purely mobile version in the much-anticipated game catalog by Netflix. What do you think of this new game? Is it worth playing? You can share your opinion in the comments.

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