Move Over Nintendo: Steam Deck is Here

  • 18-07-2021 |
  • Jackson Matthew

Valve presents a brand-new handheld console, which may challenge Nintendo Switch

Last week, Valve presented its new handheld console, or rather PC, dubbed Steam Deck. Contrary to the popular online rumors, this bizarre gadget turned out to be real. And it has a real price starting at $399.

So, let’s see what we know about this wonder console so far.

1. Price

There will be three models of Steam Deck:

  • $399. 64 GB of NVMe SSD memory, case.
  • $529. 256 GB of eMMC memory, case, exclusive Steam collection.
  • $649. 512 G of eMMC memory, anti-glare display, exclusive Steam collection, unique virtual keyboard skins.

eMMC works faster than NVMe. Plus, all three versions are compatible with microSD, so you can extend their disk space.

2. Specs

As for the technical anatomy, we have:

  • CPU. AMD APU based on the Zen 2 architecture.
  • Video card. RDNA 2.
  • RAM. 16 GB.
  • Cores. Four core with 8 threads.
  • Clock Speed. 1–1.6GHz.
  • Screen. 7-inch LCD touchscreen.
  • Audio. Stereospeakers or C-Type/Bluetooth headphones.
  • Battery. 40 watthours (2-8 hours of life).
  • Resolution. 740p.

To learn more, check the official page.

3. Release Date

Steam Deck will hit the shelves sometime in December 2021. You can put the console on your wishlist, but for that, you’ll need to make a $5 deposit. Wish list is available here.

But due to numerous requests, the servers have become unstable. There are numerous errors and crashes during the pre-order process.

4. Games

You can play every game available in the Steam’s catalog. You can also install games from other stores, surf the web, watch streaming videos, and more.

5. OS 

Steam Deck will have its own operating system, SteamOS, which is based on Linux. It will also have a unique GUI, which lets you find and access games quickly. It also includes Steam Chat, Cloud Saves, Community, and other Steam-related perks.

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