Microsoft Will Allegedly Introduce Ads to Free Xbox games

  • 18-04-2022 |
  • Jackson Matthew

According to the information obtained by the Insider, it seems that Microsoft wants to bring advertisements to their free-to-play games on Xbox. Such ads are supposed to be designed in a way that they won’t negatively affect the playing experience.

At the moment, no one knows how exactly such ads will be presented to players. The options include having video ads in lobbies of games or displaying them in the form of avatar skins. As told by the Insider, the team of Microsoft wants to make sure that such ads don’t annoy players. For this reason, they plan to have only a limited number of brands use this feature.

The Insider also suggested that Microsoft doesn’t plan to take the funds earned from ads. On the contrary, they plan to let the advertiser and the game developer share the money. Based on this information, it is likely that Microsoft is taking this step to get a higher number of developers on the platform.

At the moment, Microsoft hasn’t shared any significant information on the matter. The company’s representative stated that Microsoft is always focused on making the experience better for both developers and players.

The first ads appeared in video games years ago, so there is nothing new about this idea. When games have become more expensive, the majority of companies have stopped using them. It makes sense that Microsoft talked about adding ads only to free-to-play games, as otherwise, players would be extremely disappointed. There has already been an incident when EA tried to have a long ad in their UFC 4 game, but they quickly removed it because players were far from happy.

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