Microsoft Brings Skype Back to Life

  • 30-09-2021 |
  • Jackson Matthew

At one time, Skype was one of the most popular services for communication and video calls. Over time, it was replaced by more advanced counterparts. Now Microsoft has taken up a massive redesign of this software to bring it back to life. Important updates will primarily affect the app for Apple devices, but they will generally involve all platforms.

The call interface has undergone major changes. Now you have more different themes and styles to change your setting. In videoconferencing mode, windows with participants’ names will be clearly structured in a grid, even if they do not use or switch on a camera. Thanks to the built-in translator that works in real-time, you can communicate with people in any language. Chat headers and button gradients have also been updated, and it is now possible to set avatars for groups.

The new Meet Now tool allows you to create conversations without downloading Skype to your device or registering an account. You can generate a link and share it with other users. You can invite up to 50 people to such a conference. The duration of a call can be up to 24 hours, while the function is free, available in any browser and on every smartphone, PC, laptop, or tablet. By the way, the link has no expiration date.

According to the developers, they tried to modernize Skype, adding everything that it previously lacked while keeping it familiar and understandable to users. It now looks modern, runs much faster, and comes with new features. All of these changes are driven by customer feedback as Microsoft tries to listen to its clients. There are many more significant changes to come over the next few months.

Do you continue to use Skype, or have you left it in favor of other apps? Do you plan to return to this service after these updates.

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