Meta to Further Support Female-Owned Businesses

  • 07-03-2022 |
  • Abigail Davis

While the world is about to celebrate International Women’s Day, for Meta a day of celebration isn’t enough. This month, the Facebook and Instagram owner introduces new measures to support businesses led by females who suffered from the pandemic the most and help them recover. 

 Women’s History Month may owe its name to the past but it’s looking to the future. As time goes on, Meta expands its #SheMeansBusiness program. This set of measures is meant to provide extra support to businesses run by women. The first of these measures is the financial literacy program. Meta offers financial courses by Lauren Washington, an expert and the creator of Foundr, that cover a wide range of topics, from the most basic financial knowledge to more advanced insights into how money works.

 There are also Meta-specific steps to help businesswomen use the potential of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to enhance their SMM activity. These steps are based on an analysis of businesses run by women and the most common SMM measures that can help to promote their projects. It also adds new free insights that owners can use to their benefit.

 Finally, there is a series of video lectures by successful female entrepreneurs named MentHERship. These lectures will include personal success stories and tips that may help beginners to uncover their full potential. These videos will be available on #SheMeansBusiness platform.

 So far, the program is only available in the USA. American stats show that female-owned businesses have to stand higher risks; since July 2021, about 6% more female-led businesses were closed, while for male-led projects the rate remained the same. Meta hopes to fix the situation with its support program.

 Have you or someone you know already tried #SheMeansBusiness? Were the measures it provided really helpful? Do you think they understand female-owned businesses well? Tell us what you think about it in the comments!

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