Meta Finds a New Way to Integrate Ads into Facebook Reels

  • 15-10-2022 |
  • Jackson Matthew

It’s no secret that it’s Reels that foster growth of both Instagram and Facebook, and Meta will invest into it to make it an even stronger force. This means involving more creators and thus inventing more ways for them to get rewarded. Now, Meta tests new ways to integrate ads into Reels and thus up its monetization.

So, how else can brands interact with the audience through Reels content? Meta is now testing more ways to enhance this interaction, and one of them is so-called “post-loop ads”. In short, these are short ads (4-10 seconds) that play automatically after a Reel ends, before it restarts. Of course, it will annoy some users, but not too hard for Meta to dismiss this method.

Now that this method is described, you see that it does indeed has some advantages. These videos are so short that dropping the session because of them makes no sense. The format will also encourage the advertisers to invent new ways to deliver the message in mere seconds. Finally (which is often problematic with looped videos) these ads will help define the start and the end of the video in some cases where it’s not that clear.

Another way of integrating ads is an image carousel that shows in the bottom of the Reels videos. These scrollable carousels can contain up to 10 images. They are meant to be linked to the individual Reel performance, and it will be up to creators to enable this. Of course, for some videos it would ruin the entire experience, but many others will remain quite watchable.

Finally, brands will have access to more music options for their Reels. There will be curated music collections that will probably be made in collaboration with both the brands and the musicians or publishers.

As a creator, which way of integrating ads would you prefer? As a viewer, which ad options would you find the most acceptable for your experience? Share your ideas and thoughts with us in the comments if you please!

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