Meet First Update of Fortnite Season 8

  • 28-09-2021 |
  • Abigail Davis

Fortnite Season Eight is in full swing, and Epic Games has released a fresh patch with a bunch of awesome stuff that will make the fight against malicious cubes even more exciting. The update received the number v18.10 and offered many changes, among which cosmetic items occupy the central place. This event was kept an absolute secret; even well-known insiders did not possess any information.

All three Fortnite game modes have got updates. First of all, all classified items are related to this Season’s theme. It is full of cubic and purple skins, axes, and wraps. By the way, Halloween stuff is also available in the game. In Battle Royale, you can try the new fiery Chili Chug Splash or use its old but redesigned version. Try new styles on your character and enjoy the improved XP system.

The Creative Mode now features a wide variety of Battle Royale weapons (from regular to legendary), the Elimination Manager and general interface have been improved, and quite a few bugs have been fixed. In the Save the World mode, the Jonsee-Bot and Grave Digger will come to your aid, and you will be able to equip yourself with items from the Lars Pack. By the way, this pack is also available in other modes.

It is known that Xbox and Nintendo console users will get more various things than the rest of the players. What is the reason for it is still unknown. Also, recall that the eighth skin of the Season has not been declassified. So far, insiders do not give any information on this matter either.

The update should already reach all regions. So, start the game right away, put on new skins, and go ahead and fight the cubes! Tell us later what did you like the most? What else would you add if you were a developer? Please share this article with your friends so they can try cosmetic enhancements too

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