Major Pokemon Unite Gets Major Update with Mobile Launch

  • 24-09-2021 |
  • Abigail Davis

As Nintendo launches its Pokémon Unite game on Android and iOS, it also makes the event count for those already playing it on Switch. The players will receive some new content, along with some changes in the gameplay and in the monetization system. In addition, it will change the role of items and item enhancers.

Logically, the first update (which starts to make sense only now) is cross-platform play support. More than that: you can use both Nintendo Switch and any mobile device with the same account, with no difference in the gameplay. Mobile players can use their existing Nintendo accounts as well.

New held items will let players try new strategies, as they change the in-game balance. Items can also be upgraded with super item enhancers, up to Level 30. Item enhancers also become easier to get, boosting the crafting element in the game. Usually, item enhancers are paid, but getting them for free, purely with in-game methods, will get easier. Another way to enhance items is catching your chance with in-game events.

Unite Squads is the feature meant to let Trainers play together with teammates, which will affect the gameplay and the results. The feature looks like what’s called “clans” in other games. Of course, it will be cross-platform as well.

A new type of Battle Pass (it’s a free-to-play game, so the more Battle Passes, the better) delivers 90 levels and new cosmetic items, including Trainer fashion accessories. It also includes Holowear skin that colors up your game with new visual effects. It will offer players three missions a day plus weekly and seasonal challenges.

Finally, the game will be available in an array of new languages. The exact list of languages will be released soon, with the update itself. Of course, for those playing on mobiles, these updates will be original features. Are you waiting for all of these updates? Which one is the most long-awaited for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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