Launch Spotify Podcast on Your Phone

  • 10-07-2022 |
  • Jackson Matthew

Podcasts have been a hit lately, and Spotify gladly welcomes this community to its app. Nevertheless, currently, there might be problems with directly uploading your stream on the platform, but a recent announcement brings changes to this problem.

At the moment, before creating your podcast on Spotify, you will need to edit it and upload it through a specialized app called Anchor. This can seem like too much problem for regular users, but Spotify has stated that the company is working on an update letting anyone create their podcast directly on the platform.

United with Anchor, Spotify has been testing out tools for podcast creators, like editing and trimming the audio. The mobile app has this feature only in New Zealand for now, but we sure can wait for its arrival. On the main screen of the app, you will be able to see a “+” button, which will lead you to the “Record Podcast” feature. You can start your show right there and then edit the audio.

In addition, you can choose background music for your recording. Of course, you will also need to go through the process of making up the name and looking for the cover art, and then your podcast is all ready to be published. Unfortunately, the release date is still unclear since Spotify needs time to test out the new tools. For now, we will await the testing result from New Zealand.

Meanwhile, the company is also working on an audiobook platform. Since last year, Spotify has made a deal with a service “Findaway” connecting with different authors and letting them use their work in audiobook format. There are any upcoming projects for Spotify this year, and we will keep an eye out for the most interesting out of all of them.

Would you like to use new podcast tools on Spotify? Are they useful for the platform? Please, share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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