In Honor of the World Cup, Mojang Introduced a Map

  • 21-11-2022 |
  • Abigail Davis

The World Cup in Qatar 2022 is in full swing. To celebrate this event, the cult sandbox game Minecraft decided to please soccer fans with the addition of a new map. It looks like a football stadium and allows you to realize all your sports fantasies.

Minecraft has been around for more than 10 years, and you probably thought that nothing could surprise you with it. However, the engine and concept of the game allows you to create different entertainment, and sports are no exception. How about blocky soccer? The new map that Mojang introduced allows you to choose a mob-style team, train, participate in matches, customize your soccer uniform and stadium, and so on. The map is called 'Soccer Celebration' and is already available for download on the official website of the developer.

Of course, when we think of soccer, FIFA comes to mind, not Minecraft. But the specialty of the sandbox game is not only in the unusual visual style, but also in the unique gaming experience. It is also ported to different platforms, so that many soccer fans can enjoy not only watching matches, but also playing extraordinary soccer. In addition, the final in-game match is also waiting for you. Mojang has not only dedicated the map to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, keeping some of the history, but also created a new virtual event.

As you know, Minecraft after many years continues to grow its audience of fans, and always finds new ways to diversify the gameplay. This is not the first map in the game, the previous ones were also quite interesting. Some maps were created to raise money for a worthy purpose. The game continues to surprise and delight us. 

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