Hogwarts Legacy Patch Update Delayed for PS5 Players

  • 14-02-2023 |
  • Abigail Davis

The long-awaited patch for Hogwarts Legacy is finally here, but only for Xbox Series X/S and PC gamers. PlayStation 5 players will have to wait a few days longer as the update has been delayed due to unforeseen issues. Warner Bros. studio released a statement that the patch will resolve “several bugs and performance issues” which have plagued the game since its release last week.

The patch is also set to include a fix for the 'Collector's Edition Trophy, which should be awarded upon completion of all collections in-game. Community manager at Avalanche Software, Chandler Wood, announced that anyone who did not receive this trophy would be retroactively given it once the update launches on PS5 later this week. This news comes after much controversy surrounding JK Rowling's public views regarding transgender rights and how it impacted the game's reception among its fanbase.

In addition to bug fixes and stability improvements, fans expect more content updates soon, with Wood replying positively when asked about new additions coming down the line in future patches or expansions. Although an official announcement hasn't been made yet, many are hoping that additional spells or creatures could make their way into Hogwarts Legacy in future installments as part of post-release support from Avalanche Software.

While much excitement surrounded last week's launch of Hogwarts Legacy due to its connection with JK Rowling's Harry Potter series, there was also significant controversy associated with its author's public views regarding transgender rights – resulting in boycotts from certain groups within gaming circles online and offline alike.

Overall, while PlayStation 5 owners may have to wait until later this week before they can get their hands on this new update for Hogwarts Legacy – Xbox Series X/S and PC gamers can expect it today on their magical journey. Hopefully, this patch will make the game better for everyone and bring more content to players in the near future.

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