Google Partners with Cisco, Microsoft, and Zoom to Bring Conference Calls to Android Auto

  • 10-05-2023 |
  • Jackson Matthew

Google has recently announced its collaboration with tech giants Cisco, Microsoft, and Zoom to integrate audio conferencing into vehicles via its Android Auto platform. This innovative move aims to reduce the risks associated with drivers attempting to participate in conference calls while driving.

The partnership between Google and these major players in the conferencing space is a strategic one. As remote work continues to thrive, professionals are increasingly relying on virtual meetings and conference calls to stay connected with their teams. By incorporating conferencing capabilities into Android Auto, Google is addressing the growing need for a seamless communication while ensuring driver safety.

This new feature will allow drivers with Android Auto-enabled vehicles to join conference calls from popular platforms like Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom directly through their car's infotainment system. The integration will ensure that users can easily access their scheduled meetings without having to fumble with their phones or resorting to using unsafe practices like balancing a phone on their lap during a video call.

In addition to enhancing driver safety, this development also signals Google's commitment to expanding the functionality of its Android Auto platform. As more people continue adopting this technology in their cars, it becomes increasingly important for Google to offer features that cater to users' diverse needs – from entertainment and navigation services to practical solutions like audio conferencing.

In conclusion, Google's collaboration with Cisco, Microsoft, and Zoom demonstrates how tech companies are working together to address evolving user needs in today's dynamic world. By bringing audio conferencing into vehicles through Android Auto, they are not only promoting safe driving practices but also enhancing productivity for busy professionals on the go. This partnership serves as a testament to the power of innovation when industry leaders join forces for the greater good.

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