Google Announces New Android SDK, Setting the Stage for Multi-Device/Multi-Platform Connectivity

  • 04-09-2022 |
  • Abigail Davis

Seeking to facilitate the development process of Android applications and make their cross-device communication smoother, US tech giant Google has announced it is planning to launch a new software development kit. Currently aimed at streamlining the communication between Android-based phones and tablets, the functionality of the new SDK will later be extended to other Android-based devices (smartwatches, TVs, car navigation systems), as well as other operating systems, including iOS, iPadOS, Windows OS, etc.

By encouraging developers to adopt the novel toolset into their applications, Google hopes to enhance the app user’s experience and transfer it to other platforms. The idea is for the new SDK to let app users do three key things easier: discover nearby Android and non-Android devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ultra-wideband, establish secure connections between these devices, and ensure a continuous and friction-free process of using the app across all devices and platforms.

When describing some ways to use the new cross-device functionality, Google mentioned how, for example, it would simplify the food ordering process by letting a group of people use their individual devices to access the same app page and place an order simultaneously instead of passing a single phone from one person to another. Another great example is when you want to continue reading your e-book on your tablet after reading it on your smartphone the previous night. Thanks to the new devkit adopted in the app, the user will be able to do so easily without needing to look for the place at which they stopped.

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