Fortnite Welcomes Morty Sanchez and Will Smith!

  • 20-08-2021 |
  • Abigail Davis

A popular leaker HYPEX predicted that Will Smith’s Mike Lowrey and Morty Sanchez from Rick & Morty would come to Fortnite’s item shop as outfits. HYPEX’s predictions about video games have a high percentage of probability, and this one is not an exclusion. The new outfits are already available! 

Gorgeous Ones

Fortnite is already home to a huge bunch of characters from various popular franchises, so seeing these isn’t a huge surprise. Millions of players were waiting anyway! Rick Sanchez had joined the game earlier this year, so Morty’s advent was expectable. 

The leaker said that Morty would have a large robotic suit and a long-awaited "Get Schwifty" emote that you will be able to use solo or with your entire squad. Ooh wee, this is now true and makes Battle Royale much more squanchy, if you know what we mean! In addition to Morty’s terrifying suit, you can get a blue SMG with MR. Meeseeks print all over it, and a space snake. 

As for the Will Smith outfit, the rumor suggested that it would be Mike Lowrey’s character from the popular 1995 Bad Boys franchise. And, again, the prediction was right. The guy is definitely iconic and looks very serious and stylish in his black Ray-Ban glasses, Police-style blue T-shirt, and slim black trousers. Of course, his famous “Bim Bam Boom” move is available for solo and team use too! 

Other new characters include Guggimon’s friends Janky, Ninja Wolf, and J Balvin in 3 styles. It’s such a cool company, isn’t it? 

Out Now! 

Epic Games has already released the new outfits, so you should hurry up and get them! We can chat in the comments below and suggest the best candidates for the next bunch of Fortnite skins. Ready? Invite your friends to join the chat! It’s very exciting to know which of the new characters you want to try the most! 

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