Facebook Improves Its Design in India

  • 12-10-2021 |
  • Jackson Matthew

Facebook introduces advanced pages with intuitive design, a news feed, and groups for the Indian audience. Now you may see the content you are eager to see at the top of your news feed, as Facebook is getting more personalized. The company re-designed the popular Page feature so users could easily see the difference between public and personal profiles.

Pages created specifically for businesses, organizations, brands, or promotions now are visually different from personal pages.  The new design benefits both private users and companies. You can easily find activities for you. Owners of usual profiles can share posts in seconds, add likes and comments. Business owners receive the possibility to see the trends that are currently on demand around Facebook.

The new design may help local businesses to reach their audience. Besides, it offers an improved experience to the owners of private profiles. Navigation becomes even simpler. Users can now receive suggestions on the new friends, Groups, and Pages that are currently popular. Pages become more visible to Facebook’s audience. To provide advanced communication between page owners and followers, there is a text-based Question and Answer system ready for you. Followers will see the updates of the pages they follow in the first place.

Page owners have full access to the administrative services. They can add new users, provide permissions for different tasks. Page administrators can now provide only partial access to the Messages, Content, Community Activity, Ads, or Insights to users. Apart from this, Facebook is getting safer. The smart system will moderate hate speech, violence, impersonation, and sexual content. Pages that contain such content will be banned.

What about you? Have you checked all the features that Facebook offers for local users in your country? Which one is your favorite? Express your thoughts in the comments below.

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