Everything We Know about iOS 15 So Far

  • 28-05-2021 |
  • Abigail Davis

The fall is coming, and this means Apple is already preparing the new iPhone and the new OS for most existing iDevices – iOS 15. What does the company have up its sleeve to make iOS 14.5 look like a minor update it is? Let’s sum up what we already know. 


This year Apple did not apologize in advance for postponing its new iPhone premiere. The event will probably take place in September like it usually does (unless there is some force majeure). Usually, the new iOS major update is presented at the same event. So (assuming Apple did not change its routines), iOS 15 is scheduled in September 2021. 

Before the stable release, though, there will be a public beta release. It has not been announced either, but we can expect it in the summer already. And it leads us to the next question…

What’s New?

iOS 14 was quite a big step ahead for the OS by Apple, and its later updates added important user features concerning both performance and privacy. It makes sense to assume that, following the “tick-tock cycle”, this year’s update will be less impressive visually. Instead, it will fix bugs, add minor features, maybe make use of improved performance, and so on. 

Still, we are waiting for the beta version to say anything definite about iOS 15 functionality. Yet it will not be the final vision of the upcoming update. Some features may be added to consequent beta versions. 

Among rumored features we have heard about iMessage improvement (including launching it on other platforms and challenging WhatsApp and rivals). Users will have more freedom in choosing default apps, which is not what Apple is usually praised for. The iPad version of it, named iPadOS, may have a redesigned (once again) widget section on the home screen. Health app may now track your nutrition along with motion (the way third-party nutrition trackers do), integrating this data with that fetched from Apple Watch or AirPods. Some also mention notification controls getting more advanced. 

Who For?

Nothing has been officially said about iOS15 compatibility. So we can only guess what iPhones will support iOS 15 (as well as which iPads and iPods). As the rumors have it, the oldest iPhone to support iPhone 15 (as much as its hardware is capable) is iPhone 7 (2016). Earlier generations of iPhone and iPad will probably be unable to run iOS 15 (though they will certainly receive updates with critical security patches, they will remain on iOS 14 or earlier). 

Stay Tuned to Learn More about iOS 15

Probably we will have the first chance to glance at iOS 15 at WWDC 2021. The conference will take place on June 7, which is very, very soon. Addressing the developers, Apple will reveal a lot of details on what’s coming, and iOS 15 must be on top of the list. We will update you on this. 

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