Emplifi Have Been Integrated into TikTok to Improve the Platform's Content Marketing

  • 13-06-2022 |
  • Abigail Davis

Emplifi is a unified CX platform that is designed for eCommerce and mobile marketers. As a result of integration with TikTok, there will be many more options for an effective marketing strategy for platform advertisers. As a result, large audience coverage will greatly help in promoting your brand. This integration will allow marketers to reduce the effort spent on scheduling, publishing, and organizing content on TikTok.
According to Emplifi CEO Mark Zablan, the available analytics section will allow you to analyze geographic data, video views, engagement rates, interactions, and more. Now companies will be able to promote their brands using the full functionality of the tools, making it even easier to make a profit from TikTok. With the ability to track both profile and video metrics, as well as benchmarking and researching various methods to increase views, TikTok should become the crowd’s favorite among similar platforms. And tracking and replying to comment threads will be even easier.
The new feature has already been tested by the world-famous football club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). With the help of new options, the club's team was able to identify the most interesting and profitable campaigns. As a result, PSG became the first club to reach 10 million subscribers, and as of today, it has 25 million dedicated followers. PSG representative, Anthony Baca, is extremely pleased with this state of affairs and believes that it was the Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud on TikTok that allowed it to gain such a responsive and large audience. He confirmed that the club's team will use this in their further marketing moves.
How do you feel about the integration of Tiktok and Emplifi? Are you following Paris Saint-Germain on TikTok? Please share your opinion with others below.


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