EA Holds Dead Space Livestream to Show Early Details of the Game

  • 04-09-2021 |
  • Jackson Matthew

With so much anticipation surrounding the upcoming remake of the Dead Space game, EA decided to show off what they already have of the game in a livestream. The game still has a long way to go, which is why the developers referred to their livestream as ‘unorthodox.’ Still, they had some footage to get players a sneak peek that everyone waited for.

The developing team of Dead Space put a lot of emphasis on improving the visuals of the game and making them look modern. EA admitted that they want to stay close to the original game while also making significant improvements when it comes to lighting, materials, shading, and more. The results shown during the livestream already look promising, even though the game is still in its early stages.

The story about the engineer Isaac Clarke alone on the ship fighting Necromorphs remains the same at its core, but it will be used as a foundation to build upon and expand the gameplay. One significant change concerning the main character will be the fact that Isaac will speak in situations when it will be required for the storyline while he was always silent previously.

EA also mentioned the gameplay and how they want to provide the most intense experience to players. The representatives said that it is important for the team to remove the loading screens and cuts so that the game feels immersive. This version of Dead Space will offer 360-degree freedom and better zero-gravity traversal. The system of incurring damage is also a significant part of the improvements, so we can expect more realistic visuals when using weapons and fighting enemies.

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