EA App in Collaboration With Discord Makes Your Team-Play Better

  • 25-10-2021 |
  • Abigail Davis

EA has decided to start supporting Discord’s “Rich Presence” feature with some of its games. This feature provided by one of the most reliable apps for the gaming community is opening a lot of new opportunities for team-playing. It’s now possible by linking your account to the new launcher EA App. After this, the new feature is going to give you, as an EA lover, a bunch of new exciting experiences.

What Is Rich Presence With EA App About

Before this new feature, Discord would only show the name of the game you’re playing and the time spent in the game. So it’s hard to think that this information was somehow helpful or interesting to your pals. The newly introduced integration is going to show much more details about your gaming. Besides the game and the time spent playing, it’s going to let your friends know the game mode you’re playing and whether or not you would be vacant to join someone for a new game battle. Developers can also use this new feature to let gamers invite each other to play together and watch other matches. 

Future of the Start-up 

“Rich Presence” is already compatible with other games by EA, including Battlerite, Payday 2, and Divinity: Original Sin. The integration is happening on the launcher level and doesn’t include the individual games. Due to this, the range is going to gradually grow broader. 

To try this new feature out, you can enable it in your EA App by going to Settings, getting into your account,  scrolling all the way to the Connected Accounts section, and linking your Discord and EA accounts.

This new feature is going to raise discussion, so what do you think about Discord sharing more gameplay with your community? Do you see it as an advantage or more of a privacy breach? Maybe you would like to try it out? Please be sure to leave your thoughts and opinions on this topic down below.

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