Dead Space Remake Story to Receive Radical Changes Plus an Alternative Ending

  • 23-01-2023 |
  • Jackson Matthew

The popular horror shooter, Dead Space, is getting a remake that promises to bring more than just a graphical upgrade. According to reports, players can expect a drastic change in the story as well as an alternative ending.

The 2008 original game follows the story of engineer Isaac Clarke and his battle against a terrifying alien species known as Necromorphs. While the remake will keep the same core base of the story, changes are being made in the hopes of providing an even better experience. These changes will include revamping some characters, adding new locations, and tweaking the story's timeline. This is not all, though, an alternative ending will also be included.

The alternative ending will be a completely different story path that players can explore, offering a new way to experience the horror shooter. It will be interesting to see how this changed narrative will affect the original game's ending as well as the overall story.

The remake will also feature improved visuals with the game being updated to the latest engine. This means that players will get to enjoy the game with enhanced graphics and performance. The game's sound is expected to receive an upgrade as well, allowing for an even more immersive experience.

All in all, the Dead Space remake promises to be a great experience for both current fans and newcomers alike. With its improved visuals, upgraded sound, and major story changes, the remake looks set to deliver an even better horror shooter experience. Plus, with an alternative ending, players can look forward to exploring a completely different narrative path.

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