Data Harvesting Apps on Play Store

  • 11-04-2022 |
  • Abigail Davis

Google regularly takes action against malicious apps on the Play Store that can potentially harm users’ confidentiality. Nowadays, it is hard to detect such actions against your personal data, as there are thousands of them that promise full protection. According to the latest reports, six apps were removed from the Play Store for violating Content Policy.

Previously, several apps were also banned from Google Play, including weather reports, a QR code scanner, and a Muslim prayer app. They were running a code that stole information containing private phone numbers and account logins. Unfortunately, some of them reached the rate of 10 million downloads, which could harm many Android users. Google spokesperson assured everyone in the statement that the company always takes time to verify that the app executes stated privacy rules.

Developer Content Policy states that any apps that imply deceptive or abusive actions regarding device, network, or personal data will be banned from the Google Play Store. The safety of the users is Google’s number one priority in such cases.

Google has installed a ban on six apps on the Play Store that carry hacker coding under the name Sharkbot which is used to steal malware. Stated apps were supposed to be antivirus programs for Android users but instead ran a geofencing function to take in personal data from around 15,000 people from Italy and the United Kingdom. Moreover, not so long ago, developers unveiled an app that contained a banking trojan in it: a famous program that is used by many malicious companies. Fortunately, the app was removed from the Play Store in time, although its base reached around 10,000 downloads.

Have you ever encountered such apps? What else can Google do to protect its users? Please, share your opinion in the comments below.

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