Chrome Goes Supersonic: The Latest Optimization Made It Work Faster

  • 15-12-2021 |
  • Jackson Matthew

Google's browser went through some serious optimization. The developers, it seems, found a way to prevent crashes and other unpleasantries.

Google Chrome has got a new life, by achieving a new productivity level. Now, the browser can boast of the following:

  • The browser “eats” 3.1% less of the GPU memory.
  • The startup phase can be 25.8% faster than before.
  • Frame-rendering has increased by 20.4%.
  • Crashes have also decreased in number: 4.5% fewer of those.

Contentful paint has also shown a 6.7% improvement when compared to the previous stats of the browser.

As Google announced via their blog, these dramatic changes have been achieved with a simple solution. (Figuratively simple).

The trick is that previously Chrome couldn’t really tell if its windows were just occluded or entirely covered by other applications, documents, and other windows.

So, the know-how does the following. Whenever a Chrome window isn’t viewed by a person at the moment, it simply doesn’t get rendered.

In turn, this allows to drastically relieve the workload that the graphical unit and RAM typically receive when a tab with a website is open.

Recently, the workload has been steadily growing: webpages and platforms add more and more whistles and bells. This includes advertising, extra buttons and features, notifications, videos that play in the background, and so on.

And now, all this pandemonium is put on pause by Chrome for as long as you’re not viewing the page. It doesn’t just make the browser work better and faster. It also spares the resources of your computer a bit. (Especially GPU and coolers).  

Hopefully, Chrome will get more optimization, including its mobile version. And what is the speediest browser in your opinion? Let us know in the comments!

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