Activision Founds a Dedicated Studio for Developing Mobile Games

  • 07-06-2021 |
  • Jackson Matthew

Do you think one Call of Duty: Mobile is enough? Activision does not think so. That’s why it establishes a brand-new studio in Santa Monica, CA, that will specialize (or already specializes) in mobile games. The first of them is probably the next installment in the mobile Call of Duty series; probably this will be a Battle Royale take on it, a mobile version of CoD: Warzone.

Though Activision did not issue any statements regarding this new studio, its career hub recently published a lot of positions opened in Santa Monica. And definitely they will not settle after making just one more game, even though it will constantly feature new seasons and new content. The new game that’s been indirectly announced is already described as an AAA mobile project, so the studio hires specialists with mobile, console, or PC gaming background.

Hope the next Call of Duty mobile installment will have a storyline. Then it will really be what we love Call of Duty for. And maybe it will, given how mobile games are growing bigger now. Among other franchises Activision is involved with, others (like Tony Hawk’s Skate Pro, Skylanders, or Crash Bandicoot) have already been adapted for mobile platforms by other developers. So probably it will be either Call of Duty again or a brand new franchise.

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