Unlocking the Mysteries of Starfield's New Game Plus Mode

  • 02-09-2023 |
  • Jackson Matthew

As avid gamers, we often crave an extra challenge, a continuation of the narratives we adore, or a new perspective on our favorite worlds. Starfield, an epic space exploration game, launched its unique solution to satisfy our hunger for more: The New Game Plus mode.

Understanding Starfield's New Game Plus Mode

Understanding Starfield's New Game Plus Mode

The developers of Starfield rolled out a unique form of New Game Plus mode for their players. This isn’t merely a tougher rendition of the main story with novelty items. Instead, Starfield's main story shapes into an endless loop, which initiates a New Game Plus run as soon as the players complete the game. Players, now reborn as a Starborn, can either revisit the game from scratch or dart through an abridged version of the storyline that wraps up in about 90 minutes. This reincarnation also bestows new dialogue options and a shiny new spaceship for the player.

What Happens in New Game Plus Mode?

The primary element that travels with players into the New Game Plus mode in Starfield is the playable character's experience. Essentially, your level, skills, any experience points, or challenge progress you racked up throughout your gameplay tag along with you in your new journey. Unfortunately, that might mean parting ways with other progress made in the game. Relationship build-ups, mission progress, outposts, gear, credits, resources, or any treasures accumulated in your current playthrough will not carry over.

How Many Times Can You Play the New Game Plus Mode?

How Many Times Can You Play the New Game Plus Mode

The beauty of Starfield's New Game Plus mode lies in its limitless accessibility. Players can venture as often as they like through the New Game Plus cycle. The rewards might seem modest, but the opportunity to alter your alliances at the game's end offers a refreshing change. One benchmark of your multiple playthroughs will be your spaceship's name, reflecting the number of times your character has been reborn.

Jump back into a world you’ve grown to love and discover it anew in Starfield's New Game Plus mode. This opportunity to revisit the storyline with added challenges and fresh dialogue options can be a thrilling new journey and an exciting opportunity to re-explore the universe afresh.

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